Our Nine Chakras - Soul Sessions

Feb 23, 2023


Our Chakras are swirling energy points within our physical body and each chakra has a different role that supports our chakra system. 

There are many different chakras within our being and what many of you are familiar with are the 7 chakras within our system. But I want to go a little further add 2 extra chakras to work with during our Soul Sessions.

Each chakra is its own vortex of vibration of cleansing and shifting energy within itself but what does this all mean? 

I will be sharing with you the 4 lower and upper chakras, what they mean and how they work and why the Heart Chakra is the key to all the chakras for flow and experiencing here on earth.

Many of us will be stronger in some chakras whilst leaking or fragile in others. The key here is to strength and replenish each chakra so they’re working independently as well as cohesively together. That’s when true flow happens instead of feeling heavy and blocked in some areas.

Session one we’ll work on the 4 lower chakras and Session two we’ll move and working with the 4 upper chakras. And don’t forget the Heart Chakra will complete the 9 chakras we’re working with as this chakra is the key to connecting upper and lower chakras for a beautiful alignment.

Join me for March's Soul Sessions as we do a deep dive into our 9 Energy Point Chakras.

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