The Shadow Land : Shadow Work

Mar 27, 2023

Every single one of us has a Shadow aspect of ourselves, there is no exception. It doesn’t matter how good a person you are or how much you do for others, it is a rite of passage in our human existence to have and experience our shadows.

All it takes is to think of something that makes you feel embarrassed, shameful or fearful and you’re stepping right into your shadow self. It’s that trigger inside of you that brings up unwanted old emotions that you’re always trying to escape from but never really seem to do. And once it’s shown it’s (ugly) self again, it’s as if you’re right back there in that moment in the past of when it actually happened.

Most of us try to sidestep our Shadow parts and pretend they don’t exist. Squeezing it down until we think it’s buried but it never really is. Part of our journey of lifting our vibration is working on and through our Shadow parts. Instead of leaving them buried in the unconscious mind, we shift them into the conscious allowing for the process of Shadow Work to begin. That’s how we grow consciously as people and shed that heavy dense energy.

Shadow Work isn’t always the most comfortable process, but it is one of the most liberating and life changing. And its key to manifesting what you’re wanting to bring into your world.

Manifesting is all about shifting your vibration – (through your emotions) and mindset – (via your thoughts and beliefs) to align with what you’re wanting. The point to understand is that we’re already in alignment and it’s our shadows that sneakily bring us out of this alignment of what we’re manifesting.

It’s the Shadows that cast and create this heaviness within you and instead of pushing it down deeper and pretending it’s not there, it’s to time work through your Shadows and reclaiming these parts of you that feel isolated, alone and shut out.

Shadow work doesn’t haven’t to be hard or ugly, it’s about having the support structure to step into your courage to see and love a part of you that just wants to come back home and feel safe once again.

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The Shadow Land : Shadow Work

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Each monthly Soul Sessions:

2 x 60min Sessions


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Modalities used in Session:

Light Language Activations, Energy Alchemy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Meditation +

Simonne Lee’s expertise is teaching you how to re-invent, create and embody the life that you desire. Learning these simple skills in mastering your own emotional clarity to claim back creating deeper understandings and faster shifts with patterns and habits that are anchored for life changing results.


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