Do I come First or Last? - Soul Sessions

Wednesday 12th& 26th October
@1pm – 2pm Sydney, Australia

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SYD 12th & 26th Oct @ 1-2pm
LON 12th & 26th Oct @ 3-4am
LA 11th & 25th Oct @ 7-8pm

If you’re

  • An empath
  • A highly sensitive person
  • A people pleaser
  • Don’t feel confident in yourself
  • Find it hard to voice your opinions

Then you’re always putting yourself last, at the very bottom of every list, thought, feeling, situation and just life in general.

You’re living in feelings of constant stress and anxiety, trying to do everything that others expect from you and why?

Because you’ve trained those around you to expect it from you.

And let’s talk boundaries, there are no boundaries when you place yourself last for everything in life. And hoping for a lifeline from friends when you need it most, literally leads to disappointment every single time. You don’t ask, you don’t get!

So, how do you change from making yourself First on your list?

By changing some of your habitual thoughts and actions, you shift your position in life from always being last to stepping into being first and thriving. Then you’re ableto share this beautiful state of being with those you choose to!

If you’re ready to take the leap and be First in your world, then join me for October Soul Sessions and learn how to support YOU BEING FIRST in your world with compassion and joy!

Drop-In Session $125

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Monthly Membership $97

*Membership gives you access to over 50 Soul Sessions

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Modalities used in Session:

Light Code Activations, Energy Alchemy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Meditation +

Simonne Lee's expertise is taking you from stress & overwhelm to a sense of calmness and belonging. A journey that allows you to rediscover & integrate parts of you that you were lost and forgotten.

Simonne is a Reiki Master, Energy & Mindset Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. With the addition of Light Language added to her toolbox and her pragmatic approach, Simonne has been creating deeper and faster shifts with patterns and habits that are anchored for life changing results.

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