The Anxious Breath – Soul Sessions

Wednesday 11th & 25th May

@1pm – 2pm Sydney, Australia

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How often do you:

  • catch yourself gulping for air?
  • talking a hundred miles an hour?
  • feel frustrated because no one is listening to you?
  • rushing to get through your day?
  • never feel like you’re on top of things?
  • restless sleeps?

It’s called anxiety and here is where it becomes a daily habit.

How we breathe has a direct effect on our thoughts and feelings from day to day. It affects how we experience and live life moment to moment.

It’s crazy to think how we breathe can determine our health as breathing is normal right?

We do this without thinking, never had to be taught how to breathe so what difference does it make to how we live our lives?

Our Breath is directly linked to our Nervous System and how we care for our Nervous System can be displayed by our breathing style – and there are many styles of breathing that can do in the moment no matter what we’re doing. Each style of breath will create feelings and thoughts as we activate our Nervous System through breath.

If this, is you and live your days in stress or anxiety, then join me for May’s Soul Sessions the Anxious Breath.  

Have an area that you know you are anxious in to work on during our Soul Sessions – also notice how your breathing changes you think of this situation.

  • SYD  11th & 25th May @ 1-2pm
  • LA    10th & 24th May @ 8-9pm
  • LON  11th & 25th May @ 4-5am

Drop-in Session                           $125

Monthly Membership              $97

*you’ll get access to all previous Soul Sessions to do in your own time

If you can’t attend the live session, you will receive access to the recording within 24hr!

Modalities used…

Simonne is a Reiki Master and Energy Alchemist, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. With the addition of Light Language added to her toolbox and her pragmatic approach, Simonne has been creating deeper and faster shifts with patterns and habits that are anchored for life changing results.

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