The Wounded Inner Child – Soul Sessions

Wednesday 8th & 22nd June

@ 1-2pm Sydney Australia

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In an instant laughter turns to pain, joy turns to anger, calmness turns to fear or just sad for no reason. Whatever the emotion is, it’s happening all over again and instantly makes you feel like that little child.

Our inner child are aspects of who we were growing up to who we are now. These inner children get to play, express and have adventures. When everything is good, it’s really good but when we rattle our wounded inner child, we tend to lose control. And when the wounded inner child takes over, all hell breaks loose. We can say, act, think and feel things that most of us would regret at a later stage.

No matter how many times you say that will never happen again, until you acknowledge and address the wounded inner child, they will always be left in the shadows of who we are. Forever outcast and banished from the joys of life, our life.

Admittedly I get it, who wants to hang out with an angry inner child, but that inner child is crying for a loving connection, to be understood and most importantly LOVED.

Our wounded inner child can often be misunderstood and taken for granted as it’s a part of us that many want to hide or forget (the shadow self) but all it wants is to belong and feel the beautiful rays of the sun instead of the cold.

In our Soul Sessions we’ll be focusing on INNER CHILD HEALING from this lifetime and PAST LIVES so those aspects of ourselves floating in the ether alone, come back to home to us where they belong.

Join me this June and have an aspect of yourself that you’d like to heal – an inner child that’s triggered.

The Wounded Inner Child Soul Sessions for June

  • SYD  8th & 22nd June @ 1-2pm
  • LA    7th & 21st June @ 8-9pm
  • LON  8th & 22th June @ 4-5am

Monthly Membership            $97

*you’ll get access to over 40 recorded Soul Sessions

Drop in Session                       $125

Within 24hrs you will receive a video + recordings for you to do in your own time

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Simonne is a Reiki Master and Energy Alchemist, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. With the addition of Light Language added to her toolbox and her pragmatic approach, Simonne has been creating deeper and faster shifts with patterns and habits that are anchored for life changing results.

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