When Life Does not go Your Way - Soul Sessions

14th & 28th September

Wednesday 1-2 pm AEST

SYD 14th & 28th Sept @ 1-2pm
LON 14th & 28th Sept @ 4-5am
LA 13th & 27th Sept @ 8-9pm

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When the earth falls from beneath your feet how do you support yourself?

We’ve all experienced disappointment, frustration, loss and overwhelm. Throughout different chapters in our lives the rug will have been pulled from beneath, sending us flying without any safety net. And here is where chaos begins to unravel itself.


So, how do you do you find your safety in so much uncertainty?

Chaos comes with change, extreme change where we must adapt and pivot but with so much change coming our way, it’s hard to find steady ground. Our concept of solid ground beneath our feet, is one that can use an update on how we manage extreme change. Life today is moving very differently, and we need to create new ways to find our certainty.

Too much certainty creates boredom, not enough certainty creates instability, so finding that middle line that supports and serves you is everything! Sometimes it’s as simple as re-evaluating exactly where you’re at and what you had previously been striving for. While other times it’s a complete overhaul in how to do this.

This Soul Sessions we will learn

  • how to create certainty
  • step into certainty
  • adapt your mindset
  • support your heart, mind & body
  • how to hold the space for yourself through adversity

Join me for September Soul Sessions and receive a live hypno-meditation with Light Language to support you on your journey

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Modalities used in Session:

Light Code Activations, Energy Alchemy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Meditation +

Simonne Lee's expertise is taking you from stress & overwhelm to a sense of calmness and belonging. A journey that allows you to rediscover & integrate parts of you that you were lost and forgotten.

Simonne is a Reiki Master, Energy & Mindset Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. With the addition of Light Language added to her toolbox and her pragmatic approach, Simonne has been creating deeper and faster shifts with patterns and habits that are anchored for life changing results.

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